should we spend $40 millionths for people to go on the moon

The way the economic is today, they wanted to spend $40 millionths to explore another world . They need to take a look at the world they live in  right here, there were $ 28 millionths  spend for the Iraq war .When they did’t have to that why the economy is the way its is today.people lost job and homes and love one over there in that war. we need to build the economic back up here and get people back to work here first.

Furthermore some people always want to explore and discover the unknown( at what cost ) to me this is just wastes money .They can put that money were it is needed like back into the economic, business or reform the hearthcare with it’s ,put people back to work.right now we need to create weatlt and spread opportunity,At the same time the support of the people then work backwards to the moon.

Mankind need to grow up discovering life elsewhere,what about right here and now. This talk about space reminds me the way mens talk when they discuss sports.They do not have to worry about going in to space, because global warming is bearing down on us and we are about to reap what we have sown on this planet.

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