can move cause kids to do bad thing

In my opinion, I believe it’s not healthy to expose young kids, to movies that have violent in them. Because they will just want to imitate what they see in that movies,As they get older some will be influenced and some will not be influenced by others,I tell my kids they can be leader but it’s their chosing that they make,I believe most”healthy minded” kids who know right from wrong .They know the consequences of their action,what I learn from  my kids is they look for that absence of love and affection,so we as parent have to be more open with  them , watch the movies that  they look at also let them know that you are there for them and they can come to you ,It’s bad video game out there too that we have to look out for. kids buy them for each other, we as parent just have to watch what our kids watch and the video game.and their friend that they hang my kids they know what I expect from then, I will love for me and my family to do more family time together, you have some good kids out there. they all are not bad kids,No  movies do not make kids do bad thing, they know right from worng.

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