Should security officer taze people who ran onto the field during sporting

Tasering may have been over the top, Its better safe than sorry,also this may discourage other from doing the same thing, if they know that they might get tasered for their actions.I am glad that noone  got hurt including the “fan”, also he had the opportunity to stop and just walk off, but he didn’t. farthermore you never know what a person is capable of doing ,several people have died after being tased.  So I doubt that tasering is safer,
maybe this man was intoxicated and he just made poor judement, He should  consider himself very lucky to just be tased,and not being  charged with endangering to  a officer , both of them made poor choices. The way thing are in this world today people are doing anything, he’s jumped on the field.  I know the officer gave him a commands to stop,but he ignore the officer commands.

The officer is there to ensure safety,  He didn’t  know if the man has a weapo or what he was going to do,The officer was just doing his job ,to me the tasering  was appropriately used in this situation.  people make their choices, this man know that there will be consequences for his behavior,the officer did what he had to do, and that was his job.

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