Girl arrest for doodling

12 years old “I just can’t believe this , I  have heard that the school in( NEW YORk)are hard school.It just have to be more to this story this is just a little to must for me .The teacher and the principal of that high school for them to go to this  extreme.They should be forced to publicity apologize to her and her family ,because she will be permanently damaged for life.All because of someone just didn’t have any common sense ,she was only 12 years of ages this will be with her for the rest of life.We live in  a terrible world today with so many problem ( Their perspective is all  screwed up,) that teacher and the principal they are wrong ,There are people out there that do commit crime vandalism, Murderous gang member, shoplifting,pure and simple Yes this is a types of Child abuse poor judgment of the authorities

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