why I came back to school to better myself

I have been working as a nurse aide for many years,I deside to do something to better my life, and that is to be come a register nurse.I love working with people,this is something that I wanted  to do for me. my kids are all grow up and on their own. I have been doing for ever one but me .I am willing to put my life on hold and learn all I can. to make it better for me I know that I am older, but nursing is what I always want to be is  become a nurse.but they say that it’s never to later  if you wanted something bad enough you will you  get it .that why  school is first in my book. I have  been working two jobs all my life. I ask God to show me how to mantain one jobs,and how to get into school where I can afford it and that what he did ,I just don’t want a jobs I wanted a career.I wish that I had did this at a early  ages, coming back to school it was the best that ever happens to me it been a long time for me.I wanted to learn new knowledge and to exceed in my expectstions. I did’n have the change to go to college I have to take care of my sister kids but now it all about me now.they see me going to school they deside to go back their self. I tell them do not wait like I did leter in life. I tell then to make something of their  life now .I also tell then what you put into it you will get what you wanted out of it but you have to put the time in.It was scaryfor me  at first but the determination and the will power make me to achieve my goal.and to make the work and expense worth its

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