should we spend $40 millionths for people to go on the moon

The way the economic is today, they wanted to spend $40 millionths to explore another world . They need to take a look at the world they live in  right here, there were $ 28 millionths  spend for the Iraq war .When they did’t have to that why the economy is the way its is today.people lost job and homes and love one over there in that war. we need to build the economic back up here and get people back to work here first.

Furthermore some people always want to explore and discover the unknown( at what cost ) to me this is just wastes money .They can put that money were it is needed like back into the economic, business or reform the hearthcare with it’s ,put people back to work.right now we need to create weatlt and spread opportunity,At the same time the support of the people then work backwards to the moon.

Mankind need to grow up discovering life elsewhere,what about right here and now. This talk about space reminds me the way mens talk when they discuss sports.They do not have to worry about going in to space, because global warming is bearing down on us and we are about to reap what we have sown on this planet.

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can move cause kids to do bad thing

In my opinion, I believe it’s not healthy to expose young kids, to movies that have violent in them. Because they will just want to imitate what they see in that movies,As they get older some will be influenced and some will not be influenced by others,I tell my kids they can be leader but it’s their chosing that they make,I believe most”healthy minded” kids who know right from wrong .They know the consequences of their action,what I learn from  my kids is they look for that absence of love and affection,so we as parent have to be more open with  them , watch the movies that  they look at also let them know that you are there for them and they can come to you ,It’s bad video game out there too that we have to look out for. kids buy them for each other, we as parent just have to watch what our kids watch and the video game.and their friend that they hang my kids they know what I expect from then, I will love for me and my family to do more family time together, you have some good kids out there. they all are not bad kids,No  movies do not make kids do bad thing, they know right from worng.

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Should security officer taze people who ran onto the field during sporting

Tasering may have been over the top, Its better safe than sorry,also this may discourage other from doing the same thing, if they know that they might get tasered for their actions.I am glad that noone  got hurt including the “fan”, also he had the opportunity to stop and just walk off, but he didn’t. farthermore you never know what a person is capable of doing ,several people have died after being tased.  So I doubt that tasering is safer,
maybe this man was intoxicated and he just made poor judement, He should  consider himself very lucky to just be tased,and not being  charged with endangering to  a officer , both of them made poor choices. The way thing are in this world today people are doing anything, he’s jumped on the field.  I know the officer gave him a commands to stop,but he ignore the officer commands.

The officer is there to ensure safety,  He didn’t  know if the man has a weapo or what he was going to do,The officer was just doing his job ,to me the tasering  was appropriately used in this situation.  people make their choices, this man know that there will be consequences for his behavior,the officer did what he had to do, and that was his job.

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Girl arrest for doodling

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should airline pilot carries a gun on the plane

They should be able to because of what happens on 9/11, They should keep it in a safe place and as long as it not danger to others

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should public high school have religion in classes

should public high school have religion in classes,as I was coming up we did have pray in school I believe that I understand , to some extent , the scruples which make these christian brethren insist on the policy which they have adopted to about not have  religion in classes,However It is pity  that our religion which ought to be the bond of peace,the principle of integration in our social life,should be the wedge that divides us the force that prevents us from dwelling together in unity. Also that no arrangement respecting our public school is possible by which the problem of religious education can be adequately solved,The real responsibility start at home, I thank that religion course would be great to educate me about different types of religion.

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why I came back to school to better myself

I have been working as a nurse aide for many years,I deside to do something to better my life, and that is to be come a register nurse.I love working with people,this is something that I wanted  to do for me. my kids are all grow up and on their own. I have been doing for ever one but me .I am willing to put my life on hold and learn all I can. to make it better for me I know that I am older, but nursing is what I always want to be is  become a nurse.but they say that it’s never to later  if you wanted something bad enough you will you  get it .that why  school is first in my book. I have  been working two jobs all my life. I ask God to show me how to mantain one jobs,and how to get into school where I can afford it and that what he did ,I just don’t want a jobs I wanted a career.I wish that I had did this at a early  ages, coming back to school it was the best that ever happens to me it been a long time for me.I wanted to learn new knowledge and to exceed in my expectstions. I did’n have the change to go to college I have to take care of my sister kids but now it all about me now.they see me going to school they deside to go back their self. I tell them do not wait like I did leter in life. I tell then to make something of their  life now .I also tell then what you put into it you will get what you wanted out of it but you have to put the time in.It was scaryfor me  at first but the determination and the will power make me to achieve my goal.and to make the work and expense worth its

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